The good life

by Patsyfox on June 28, 2016


As the temperature in Melbourne dips lower than we remembered it could, it’s even lovelier to gaze upon images of perfect summers. Better still when the images are of my own creation! I was delighted last week when the postman knocked on the door (and of course with Australia Post the Russian-roulette that it now is with regard to mail ever arriving at its destination, it’s a xmas miracle every time something actually arrives) and the box I ripped from his hands contained these two beauties – a French Rosé and an Italian Pinot Grigio – jackpot!

Painted in the style of vintage posters, I’d like to point out here that the chair in the Pinot Grigio pic is my own beloved garden chair, and her feet and shoes are my very own, as studied for anatomical correctness. The legs in the Rosé pic…well, let’s just leave that one there…

When work and pleasure collide it’s a wonderful thing.