8 is great

by Patsyfox on August 26, 2018


It’s a funny thing that as time goes by and our lives get busier, not more relaxed, the trend is to take on new skills in bite-sized chunks, rather than in a more comprehensive way. I do love my one-day workshops but they have nothing on the progress I get to witness when people take part in my 8-week courses. Introduction to Fashion Illustration at The Drawing Salon covers all the key fundamentals of fashion illustration, as well as the most creative and fun aspects. In my classes I have between 6-12 students only, and I ply them with music, chocolate, and cheese while I show them how it’s done and how enjoyable it can be.

The pics above are demos from the 8 sessions of this one-evening-per-week 8-week course. Classes are held in the beautiful and creative studios of Frankie and Swiss in South Yarra (Melbourne) – there is nothing not to love! Bookings close in a couple of days so jump on in here if you’re interested. And pssst, there is a special “bring a friend” price if you book two spots at once.