Artful night out

by Patsyfox on October 4, 2016


I don’t know why, but I do so much work that never sees the light of day here on Patsyfox, or for that matter on it-didn’t-happen-if-it’s-not-on Instagram – and don’t even start me on my actual folio website which has been broken now for more than 18 months! (I know, so professional, right?)

In particular I do loads of live-sketching events where lucky folk get to drop by and pose for me for about 10 minutes, then take home their very own fashion portrait by me – for free!

For the recent Vogue Fashion’s Night Out I drew live fashion portraits in the Reiss store in Lt Collins Street in Melbourne, and next Thursday night I’ll be in the Myer Topshop store sketching like a mad woman – you should come say hi one day!