Bootcamp baby!

by Patsyfox on April 10, 2018


Sunday April 29th, 10.30am – 4.30pm

So much for turning over a new leaf this year – I was going to gift myself time affluence, a calm mind, plenty of time for personal drawing, ETCETERA. Instead I gave myself a couple of monstrous project deadlines and a wonderful bout of tennis elbow.

Classes and workshops at The Drawing Salon were the first victims of the crazy pace but THEY ARE BACK! First up is the Fashion Illustration Bootcamp. This very excellent one-day workshop starts at the very basics so the the information is clear and correct, then works through my particular method of getting the poses down on paper easily and quickly. Once we’ve mastered the figures we move onto colour and media technique and how you can use just a couple of marker pens with some coloured pencils and do amazing things. Don’t worry, when your energy flags I shove chocolate in your mouth – you will love it!

There are just 4 places left, bookings and more info here.