Bootcamp baby!

by Patsyfox on February 10, 2017


I’m currently on a bootcamp of my own – since precisely half my summer was spent coughing up a lung (“Flemtastic” – you remember??), my fitness has hit a point lower than I knew possible. When the zip broke on the dress I wore to a party last weekend, that was the last straw; enter bootcamp-style return to exercise. It hurts guys, it hurts..

What won’t hurt though, is the Fashion Illustration Bootcamp I’ll be taking on March 5th. I have tailor-made it to suit complete beginners – even those who haven’t drawn since kindergarten – OR those who have just become a little rusty. We will start at the absolute basics of figure proportions and what a fashion figure actually means, then learn my very excellent method for getting that fashion sketch down on paper fast, and even take it through to some fun coloured figures. All in one day – that’s why it’s called a Bootcamp – it’s like a mini course in fashion illustration.

My fashion illustration classes are kept small (6-12 people) so that you get plenty of one-on-one attention.  There are snacks and afternoon tea, tunes, and a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Nothing not to love… You can check out more here.