by Patsyfox on September 8, 2009

Been cruising some blogs lately, and my, it seems almost everyone except my 10-day-old grand-nephew has one these days. (Ahem, er, I don’t count because I am insane enough to spend the wee hours, previously spent sleeping, drawing these sweet little artworks.)

Well suffice to say, a person could spend their entire life watching other people’s lives unfold through their blogs. Trouble is, it’s not always so interesting. Which makes it all the more pleasing when you do find one that interests you, and one that gives you backdrops of New York streets you wish you were standing on, and wait for it – one that also has a store to shop at! Yes! I can drink my coffee in bed + live in New York vicariously through someone else + shop for vintage clothes and accessories – all at the same time!

So let me introduce Mimi of BROOK&LYN. Mimi is a graphic designer living in Brooklyn (no kidding), who, as she puts it, started blogging to share her likes and dislikes, which are basically fashion. The addition of the very excellent BROOK&LYN Boutique is much more recent, and you can see me wearing the result of my first visit below. Or at least, what I believe I will look like wearing it, when the nice postman places it in my greedy little hands.

If you peruse Mimi’s blog you will notice her extremely covetable jewellery collection (thankfully many nice things make it to the store – that would not happen if I had a store), and there surely must be some sort of subliminal “you must wear more jewellery” thing going on, because I have now gone bonkers for jewellery – as many pieces at once as possible. It’s not unlike 1984 after Madonna released Borderline.

So meet Mimi and see her style for yourself. Besides the luscious necklaces, this outfit was apparently about the crop tee, which reminds me of one I used to wear in 1987. It was wider, more cropped, and by Chong and Merkel. Being 18, and summer in Sydney, I of course wore it sans bra. Until one day crossing a busy road with both hands full of shopping, the wind blew it up and right over my face. Not a damn thing I could do about it – I couldn’t even see where I was walking. I just remember a guy crossing in the opposite direction saying as he passed – “thank you”.  Well at least he had manners.



And this will be me in my new dress: