Coffee – the one certain thing in my day…

by Patsyfox on April 8, 2017


One of my favourite expressions, which I find funny because it’s absolutely true, is There are only two certainties in life – that I’m going to get a coffee, and I’m going to drink that coffee. Honestly, I don’t do addictions but each time I get a new boyfriend (that makes it sound much more frequent than it really is…kind of..) I have to sit them down and explain the importance of me getting a coffee very, very soon after waking up. But you know, they never appreciate the gravitas of that teaching until they see for themselves the she-devil I am when the caffeine withdrawal headache kicks in. It only happens once per relationship, because either they don’t let it happen again, or I don’t let them happen again.

Which brings me to these illustrations which I painted for the lovely folk at Gilano Coffee. Venice anyone?

Gilano_coffee_Venice_illustration Gilano_Coffee_Cart_watercolour_illustration