Fake it baby

by Patsyfox on April 12, 2017

I’ve never (yet) entered into the world of fake lashes – firstly the old style nearly blinded me when I glued my eyeball to my eyelid, and secondly a friend and former devotee of the new/fabulous/professionally-applied ones scared the bejezus out of me when she told me how she lost all her lashes when she stopped getting new fakies and  removed the last of the old ones. No eyelashes?! No thanks.

But draw them? Absofuckenlutely. That’s not exactly how I said it but close, when no less than the Washington Post contacted me last week to create an animated illustration for them for their style section, in both print and web. Excited much? I sure was – enough to not blink my lashes at working all weekend to get it done for a Monday deadline. It’s already online and in print! Check it out here. And of course here…