Fashion Illustration beginners course live online!

by Patsyfox on November 4, 2020


The success of my LIVE online fashion illustration classes has been the absolute light in the murky tunnel of 2020. I have been planning for several years to create fully online versions of my classes, so nothing like a pandemic to force your hand, right! The fully online classes are still in work, but what I did launch after testing out my ideas and methods with some of my sessional RMIT University teaching, was a series of live online fashion illustration classes. The first up was the Fashion Illustration Fundamentals course. This course is for absolute beginners, but also for those who can draw, have done classes before (including some of my own), or for those who just want to brush up, get some advice about improving their drawings. My class size is capped any 10 people – less than half the university classes I teach – so that everyone gets the one-on-one help they need when they need it. Classes are live over zoom, with real-time on-screen feedback, bird’s eye view demonstration videos, and the best part? The class is recorded so you can watch it again as much as you like until after the course finishes. All for $350 (including GST) for a 4-week course. Yes I know, and don’t worry, prices are increasing in 2021 so get in while you can! 2 spots left, check out more info or book one of those spots here.

Rebranded as Fashion Illustration Masterclass, this is the third run of the Fundamentals course as people wrote to me lamenting that they’d missed out. It will be my last classes for 2020. Over summer I’ll be filming my online classes and restructuring all my courses. 2021 is going to be fab-u-lous.

So what do we learn? We learn the fashion figure proportions, and how to nail a pose:


How to capture the catwalk strut and what you need to be aware of:Fashion-illustration-online-class

How to draw perfect legs, how to use Copic marker pens for shading, colouring, with dynamic colour effects – and inexpensively:Fashion-illustration-online-classes

How to draw a face – what are the proportions, the golden rules, and how do you draw the features, then simplify them for your fashion figure – no more blank faces!How-to-draw-faces

The absolute most surprising thing about these classes is the fact that of the many students who had actually done my in-person classes before, pretty much ALL of them preferred this online method, and were blown away by how well it worked. Make no mistake, while my classes are light-hearted and fun, I take them very seriously. I am a fully qualified teacher and am passionate about teaching people to draw. (In particular I’m passionate about giving them a truly enjoyable experience that is uplifting and increases their sense of wellbeing and happiness.) I have thought long and deeply about my concepts and methods and honed them each time around. My classes are the real deal – we draw from scratch, we don’t just colour in – you can do it, you just need to be taught well. By me! x