Figure drawing live online course!

by Patsyfox on March 2, 2022


Apart from the masterclass with the fabulous Bil Donovan last year, I took the entire year off from my live online classes. New house and studio! University work! Freelance work! Etc. But no more – I have just released a slew of live online classes which begin this weekend – you can check out the full offering with full information here.

First up, a prequel course, created as a response to student feedback. My beginners fashion illustration classes start with the fashion figure – proportions and pose structure, immediately exaggerating and ‘fashionising’ it. This can be overwhelming for people who don’t have much figure drawing experience, hence the prequel…

Foundations of Figure Drawing is perfect for those who do any type of figure drawing, from life drawing to fashion illustration – the proportions may change but the theory of the pose structure and importance of the balance line, is the same. This is a two-session live online course and will focus entirely on the figure and pose structure, in real-to-life proportions. If you were to follow it on with the Fashion Illustration Fundamentals course, you would pick up from here and start fashioning the figure.

This is a course where you learn the proportions of the human figure, why the balance line is so important in the pose, and how you can simplify a figure to get the structure down on paper easily, providing your sketch with a solid foundation (Foundation, get it?).

The two sessions will run on Sundays 9am – 12pm, March 6th and 13th – remember, this is Melbourne time!

Live online classes: These 3hr-sessions are “live” on Zoom, and operate as a virtual classroom, with informative instruction, perfect-view “bird’s eye” demonstrations, and real-time feedback and corrections on work throughout the class. This method offers a surprising intimacy which can be advantageous to the face-to-face experience. Students have access to re-watch all demonstrations and class recordings for one month after the course finishes and will receive by email an extensive set of class notes, drawing references, and optional homework suggestions.

Check out the full course info or book a spot here.

And lest you forget, I am a fully qualified teacher and professional artist / illustrator. I have over 20 years teaching and drawing experience, teaching at Universities, galleries, and in my own classes. More important than that? I LOVE TEACHING! So come on, let’s draw!