French girl chic returns

by Patsyfox on May 17, 2024


It’s been a while since I loved a collection so much I dreamed about it – as in, seeing myself in it (suspiciously taller and with thicker hair…) and looking fabulous. Behold the new Chloe collections!

After working at Chloe on and off since she first joined as an intern, ultimate Chloe-girl Chemena Kamali released her debut collection as creative director for AW 2024 (surely an inspirational story for slaves interns everywhere). Bless her, she channelled the spirit of Karl Lagerfeld’s Chloe of the ’70s, taking direct reference from some of his ad campaigns in the Pre-Fall ’24 collection which followed recently (very strangely released second but designed first – go figure) – the balcony and backdrop are a direct reference.

I LOVE it. All of it. I’m a girl who’s not afraid of ruffles. I don’t care if they drag in my soup at dinner or pull over wine glasses. They are feminine, chic, and oh-so-rock-pirate, all in one.

I haven’t yet scratched the surface of sketching some of the new looks, but at least I’ve made a start.