It’s all in the ingredients

by Patsyfox on November 19, 2016


Amongst the plethora of client work I’ve been doing of late is a bunch of fragrances (more on that to come) and a few of their beautiful natural ingredients – like this lemon and lime. Speaking of lemons, where was this illustration a few months ago when I had an enquiry asking “Do you have any illustrations of lemons?”. Now, this can be filed under “What Grinds My Gears” (correct – with everything else!) – because I didn’t have actual illustrations of lemons in my folio, but hey, pretty much everything else, I didn’t get the job! Do not start me. Suffice to say, to anyone who wonders, yes, if I can draw complex human figures and faces then yes, I can draw a lemon. And pairs! And apples! Got it?


Pretty pink peony..


A dewy white flower.spices-watercolour-illustrationSome woody spices..