Kate’s way

by Patsyfox on June 9, 2015


Apart from a penchant for dirty men in bands, I never thought that Kate and I had too much in common – after all, I’ve spent many hours hovering over baggage carousels and never once been offered a modelling contract (coughs), I’ve never sought comfort on John Galliano’s shoulder after being busted doing coke, nor do I believe that “nothing tastes as good as thin feels” (cheese Kate – CHEESE).  However when I read her simple statement “I don’t do boredom” from her rare interview in Playboy magazine, I felt pure kinship.  Me either, Kate!

I am thrilled to announce the gorgeous new Australian version of the French L’Officiel magazine has featured my tribute to Kate from the Playboy spread on it’s back “Fin” page.  Merci L’Officiel!