Lucinda – A jewel in my crown

by Patsyfox on November 11, 2016


What began as a simple inky portrait for jewellery brand  Emma & Roe (part of the Michael Hill jewellery business) – see previous post – has now turned into a new look for the brand, and that look is illustration!  Whoop etc, boy do I love it when people appreciate the uniqueness that an illustration gives to a page, an advertisement, anything

So after submitting a bunch of character sketches we chose this one and created a suite of her which changes expressions and even gives you a cheeky wink – you can find the animation on their TV commercials which are mainly in Queensland (where the brand is based), but have been spotted down south so keep your eyes peeled.  She took on such a personality for us we decided to name her – meet Lucinda, who can be found all over the Emma & Roe November campaign.

I’ve just completed a big bunch of illustrations for Xmas also so stay tuned for those in a few weeks..