More or less

by Patsyfox on September 24, 2010

Topic of the week:  Is more more, or less?

I’m on team more.  More chocolate, more sleep, more wine, more time with certain people.  Sure, less work is good, but if you had more time it wouldn’t matter.  More wins again!  More shoes – I rest my case.

Coco Chanel said “When accessorising, always take off the last thing you put on”, so I guess she’s team less.  I read David Downton re-draws or traces his drawings repeatedly, leaving a little more out each time until he’s gone as far as he can.  Less again.  But then I also heard he experiments by doing as many as 25 to 30 versions of the one drawing.  Really?! Because that’s a definite more.

I explored this theme with the fabulous Patsyfox fashion illustration students last week, and this is what I demo’d.  You be the judge.


With a bit more…

Or perhaps less…

With a bit more…

So many choices, so little time.


Kate 09.24.10 at 10:55 pm

Jeez, you’re good Ange. So very very good.

Patsyfox 09.25.10 at 12:42 am

And you are very very kind! x

Fourth Daughter 09.26.10 at 1:39 pm

You don’t make it easy to decide!! They all look good.
Meanwhile, you may be interested in this?

Patsyfox 09.26.10 at 2:20 pm

Oh my, they are so gorgeous! Having been deemed “officially” allergic to cat hair, I’ve been toying with the idea of – gulp – having no cat!
Then I see those pictures and my heart races….. To sneeze & wheeze or not to? Again, choices!!!

Mary 09.26.10 at 6:59 pm

I prefer more. As far as I am concerned, ‘excess is the new minimalism’. That is all.

THANH 09.26.10 at 9:05 pm

More is more! layers on top of layers is my new thing 🙂
who in their right mind wants less? when i go shopping i also try to select the largest cherry’s or when I’m in HAIGHS I also go for the largest pack or box :P, when I’m shopping I also add one more Givenchy shirt to my purchase!

Who wants to pay for white space? if I am buying a piece of art with my blood sweat and tears then i want the WHOLE surface area covered in ink/paint/blood/sweat whatever as its 100% coverage 🙂

that is all.

Patsyfox 09.26.10 at 9:20 pm

OK – the shoppers have it!
And THAT, is all!

Marisa 09.30.10 at 3:46 pm

Not very often is less best, but on that rare occassion, less can be very liberating!

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