Nick for Xmas!

by Patsyfox on December 9, 2023


It started with me racking my brain to think of a winning gift for a friend, while also rifling through my neatly folded and categorised piles of t-shirts in my wardrobe. “Too plain””Too dark””Too boring””Something like my Nick Cave drawing would be perfect” *Cue lightbulb moment* “WHY DON’T I PAINT ONE!!”

Of course someone saw it and said Please ask her to paint me one! and voila just for a few weeks until Xmas you can order one for yourself, right here. You can read the details and specs on my store link, they are hand-painted to order and as such they are all unique and just for you. You can even up-sell yourself by grabbing the package with the A5 fine art print of the original drawing. I will turn them around in about 48hours – your Xmas gift to someone special sorted. Or even better, YOURSELF. You’re welcome.