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by Patsyfox on October 2, 2013


When some of my many obsessions start to merge with my work life, which come to think of it is also one of my obsessions, I get very very excited.  So knowing that some of the hundreds of magazines that pile up around my walls and down my hallway will have my illustrations in them?  Cue excitement-induced insanity.

So hello Elle magazine!  Newly launched last week, and featuring not one but two of my illustrations.  I may be biased (under-exaggeration), but this is a pretty awesome magazine.  It has a creative, arty feel, and lots of little hand-drawn bits, which makes me happy.

Oh and did I mention it had me?

Elle magazine fashion illustration

Elle magazine CK Downtown fragrance

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Sheena 01.11.14 at 2:14 am

I can’t get over your illustrations!


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