Radio is The New Black

by Patsyfox on December 24, 2017


Because, well, who wanted to sleep in all summer anyway right?

A little-known snippet of information about me is that just for fun, I hang out at 3RRR radio here in Melbourne and do Graveyard shows (that’s 2am-6am, yes – prime time) and fill spots for various people’s shows. You see I needed a new hobby when my fave hobby – drawing – became my job… No ambition here, I just love to do stuff that scares and challenges me a bit. So I stepped it up a notch this summer by committing to my very own fashion-themed summer show – Sundays 11am-12pm for 6 weeks starting today, and guess what? The show is called The New Black, and each week I’ll post a summary, some pics, and a link to listen back to the show. Oh wait, except I did the first show this morning and forgot to take any pics!!! Am I serious? Sadly yes… grrr.

Episode 1 was themed “Why does everything look the same?” I was joined for the whole show by Karen Webster, one-time CEO of the L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (from 2005-2010) and senior management of RMIT School of Fashion and Textiles, now design director at Buzz. She’s a maverick spirit, supporter of local designers, and go-to authority on all things fashion. Later in the show we were joined by Alice Edgeley of the fashion label Edgeley, which is the antithesis of everything we’d been talking about. Wish you heard it? Well you can listen back here – enjoy!