Rebecca Rocks

by Patsyfox on November 19, 2009

That’s not a statement, that’s a name.  Although actually, it’s also a statement.

We go back, and we cross continents.  I believe in any true friendship there’s always a defining moment when you realise it’s the shiznit, and for Ms Rock and I that was the time in London when I was stood up again by the sexy pole, and called her in a fug.  She could have rightly said I told you so, but instead she said meet me in 30 minutes at Medicine Bar, where we made short work of a bottle of red before I wobbled back to the tube and she proceeded to her date.  Her date. Yes, even though she had a hot date she still made time to share not a glass but a bottle and listen to me whine.  And boy did I whine.

So meet Ms Rocks, brand new photography graduate, already with a catalogue shoot for Rich under her belt.  And check out the shoes, handmade by our friends Joanna and Peter at Preston Zly.  They’re made from Stingray, and I’m pretty sure if you tapped them together 3 times you’d be transported somewhere fabulous.

Rebecca Rocks Patsyfox illustration

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