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by Patsyfox on November 15, 2013

Le Shop Guide Paris cover

Aimez-vous magasiner?  Oui! Oui beaucoup!  Hmm, four years of french lessons and I still had to google how to say that?  Whatever the language, yes I love to shop thank you very much.  And there’s no finer place to melt your credit cards than Paris.  I should know – in my past life as a designer I was paid to fly to Paris (amongst other places) four times a year to… shop.  Don’t hate me.

So I did in fact have a couple of favourites to throw into Michi Girl’s pot when this book was being created.  Whether or not I threw them in early enough is another matter – times/dates/deadlines/don’t-bore-me-with-such-details.  Clearly it didn’t matter because this very adorable perfect-size-for-the-handbag book is packed with every insider’s tip you could need for shopping your way through Paris, peppered of course with the fabulous Michi wit.

The only thing that could make Le Shop Guide better would be some illustrations by the wonderful Kat Macleod.  Oh wait – it has those!  Jackpot.  You can buy it amongst other places from the Michi Girl shop.  Or if you have lightning fingers you can write to me and maybe, just maybe, if you say something to me in french (or something that looks like it), I’ll send you one of the two copies the lovely folks at Penguin Books have been kind enough to give to Patsyfox readers.  Lickety split kids!

Shopping Paris Michi Girl

Le Shop Paris Michi Girl


Alice 11.15.13 at 2:06 pm

mon petit chou mais oui je t’adore a petit livre. :-/ Merci! bisous

Patsyfox 11.15.13 at 2:19 pm

Félicitations Ms Alice! I shall personally bring you your book next week. x

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