So you think you can’t draw faces?

by Patsyfox on July 4, 2016


Well it may be true, technically, but by the end of this admittedly awesome workshop, you will be able to.  Faces are the number one thing that let down an otherwise great drawing, and the number one thing that people tell me they “can’t draw”.  If you can’t draw them it’s because you’ve never learned how.

This workshop goes beyond what I teach in the faces session of the Introduction to Fashion Illustration course – it’s a full day workshop and goes right under the skin to the cranial structure of the head.  Why is the placement of the features more important than the shape? These questions and more will be answered! From structural information to stylised fashion-faces techniques, all will be revealed, including all key views of the face.

Oh but I guess I should mention there are only 2 spots left… Check out more or book here.