St Kilda rd love

by Patsyfox on December 1, 2009

There’s a certain je ne sais quoi about St Kilda rd in Melbourne.  Could be the fact that I’ve laid naked on the wet bitumen of Princes Bridge at dawn to be photographed by Spencer Tunick….

Spencer Tunick Melbourne 2

Or maybe it’s being so close to my favourite building in Melbourne, the NGV International.  So obsessed was I with the reopening of this building after its 2 year closure for renovations in 2003, that I – along with my then-boyfriend, both juiced up from a long boozy birthday lunch at Reserve – used my Jedi mind-trick to walk past security and into the exclusive first-look for investors and benefactors.  Was it his chutzpah or my Stella McCartney suit?  Who cares, we got in, and we graciously accepted Steve Vizard’s thanks for all our support, and dutifully filed past the wall of names as if we really did expect to see ours amongst them.

Either way, I’m using this as an excuse to sit here in the sun and contemplate the scary to-do list sitting on my desk back in the studio.  But in all fairness, work brought me here in the first place – I just had a sneak peek at the Drape exhibition opening tomorrow at the NGV – look out for more on this later in the week.

In the meantime, have I done the blog post on Nevada Duffy’s delicious new offerings?  No!  Far too busy sitting here on the grass.  So instead, I offer this – some of Sunday’s sketches at Dr Sketchys…

dr sketchys 3dr sketchys 2dr sketchys 1