THANH Winter 2010 launch

by Patsyfox on September 9, 2009

Juiced up on free champagne, I’ve just returned home via the no. 86 tram with the Kurt Cobain not sound-alike, from my friend Rodney’s new label launch, THANH Winter 2010.  And what  a launch it was, at the crazy-beautiful State Library.  What excited me most though, even more than the sight of the table full of cocktails, was the sight of the illustration I did for the invitation blown up to life-size, standing in the foyer, staring me off.  Yes, I had arrived.

Thanh is a beautiful collection of fully-fashioned knitwear, done in the finest gauges and most gorgeous yarns, in the most unlikely shapes like evening dresses (see sketch).  I want it now, hurry up Rodney.

My champagne-fueled excitement only grew when I bumped into fabulous people I haven’t seen for years (hello Marissa, the greatest supporter of my own label way back when), and others I have immortalised in pencil on this very blog (hello Gabby and Anthony) – who P.S. were oblivious to their  illustrated selves.  The fabulous and exuberant Gabby responded with some crystal-shattering squeals (which, note to future subjects, is my preferred response), while Anthony unfortunately gave me the 15-minutes-of-fame post-project-runway brush-off.  Never mind, I still think he seemed very nice on the show.

Watch this space for updates on Thanh hitting the stores…