Top tip Tuesday – lips!

by Patsyfox on August 25, 2020


My earliest memory of my lips cracking so badly that they bled was when I was 12, in my first year of high school. It was a tough year – we moved 6 times (and I’m not kidding). Hence the birth of the lifelong habit of nervously rubbing my lips together – can you blame me?!

I’ve had a drawer full of pretty much every lip balm on the market until recently, when I learned on the Mamamia You Beauty podcast that every beauty product has a use-by date either literally or as a symbol with a number in it. HUH? Oh dear… On the upside, I now have a drawer free to fill with other stuff! But I digress

A while ago I spent two days sketching quick beauty portraits at a Mecca Cosmetica conference, and in my delightful goody bag was a lip balm that has gone on to be a lip/life SAVER. It’s pretty, it works, and it’s not full of parabens or petroleum. Enough said – Mecca’s Lip De Luscious Treatment, you can check it out here. You’re welcome! (And no this is not a paid post! I wish.)