What a Good Weekend that was…

by Patsyfox on November 21, 2017


As weekends go it was mixed if nothing else: Backwards and forwards from Bendigo to look after my mother who had a nasty skin graft on her poor old nose to remove a BCC; a sold-out Fashion Illustration Bootcamp workshop at The Drawing Salon, and best of all, one of my illustrations on the cover of the Good Weekend magazine which goes out as part of not just The Age in Melbourne, but the Sydney Morning Herald in Sydney – Yah!

The portrait is of controversial coal miner Adani. The art director was looking for an artist who works in charcoal, so a fashion illustrator within The Illustration Room agency was not who he expected to have put forward. But wait – all that life drawing I do for pleasure? Charcoal baby! I just don’t think of it for my commercial work. I will now. This was a really enjoyable artwork to work on – I worked larger at A2 size and mixed charcoal, ink, and gouache paint, and got covered up to my elbows in all of it. The full version sans text is below..