When in Rome…

by Patsyfox on July 2, 2014


I’ve never had a lot of luck getting to the Colosseum in Rome – the first time I was on a work trip, had just one day to shop the entire of Rome, and… slept through my alarm.  Until 2pm.  But that’s another story.  This time my first day, allocated to on-location sketching around the town, was marred by my luggage being left behind in the last of a hundred transit cities – complete with my drawing equipment.

In my jet-lagged cock-eyed optimistic thought process, I thought it a good idea to go the Colosseum anyway – on a scorching hot Roman day – wearing the winter flying outfit I’d been wearing for approximately 3 days.  In case you’re thinking that was an incredibly stupid idea, you’re right!

The pain was soon forgotten – you just can’t be distracted by the beauty of such a city.