Write me

by Patsyfox on March 7, 2022


I have a box full of letters going back to my teenage years. There was a time when pen-pals were arranged across the globe and I even have one of those – Nina in West Berlin. She sent me the german single of 99 Luftballons by Nena, not knowing it was already number 1 on Countdown and readily available. I loved her for it though. I think I was nothing but a disappointment to her however, as her first question was about “the animals”, as in do I have any? I talked about my cat and dog, but later realised she was more interested in kangaroos… But I digress.

Just out two weeks ago was a drawing I did to accompany a story about the romance of letter writing, by Rachelle Unreich, published in The Age Good Weekend magazine. It was a truly enjoyable commission where I got to read the story and conjure up my own images and submit them. To balance out all the jobs that don’t go smoothly, it’s pure delight when they do, and Rachelle seems absolutely lovely and a good writer. Hazar!

Of course this wasn’t my first time in print for Good Weekend – my art has graced the cover no less, back a few years ago when I did a charcoal portrait of Adani. You’d forgotten? Here it is again then! You’re welcome. Massive thank you to my agent Katie at The Illustration Room for managing both of these commissions.


The full sketch, before the attack of the page layout!Adani-charcoal-portrait-drawing