To you and yours – Happy Days!

by Patsyfox on December 25, 2019


Happy Xmas to all! And if Xmas isn’t your thing then just Happy Wednesday – every day’s a gift after all, right? This has been an incredible year, known to me as The Year of The House – pushing through on plans to sell my house of 27 years and move to the beach. I’m most of the way there! Worst possible timing but my ideas do not wait for logic or economics. Hence, this year’s Xmas card shows me leaping over the city to be beach side. And you know what? I think this plan is going to work out fine. Happy Xmas!


by Patsyfox on December 6, 2019


It’s Fan Friday, and why not start with one of my all-time favourite Fashion Illustrators, yet one often left out of  the “best-of” lists: Joe Eula was born in the US in 1925, and served in the army before being discharged in 1945 and enrolling in art school in New York. His first illustrations as a student were published in Town & Country magazine and Saks Fifth Avenue – not bad for a student.

In the mid 50s he illustrated Eugenia Sheppard’s column Inside Fashion in the New York Herald Tribune, later working for the London Sunday Times covering European fashion, where the tiny salons allowed only for writer-artist combinations.

He worked for American Vogue and The New York Times, as well as Harper’s Bazaar. Doing this, he covered both Yves Saint Laurent’s first (1958) and last (2002) collections, as well as being an in-house artist for designers including Coco Chanel, Hubert de Givenchy, Gianni Versace, Christian Dior and Karl Lagerfeld. He became friends with some of these designers, most notably with Coco Chanel, and often drew her collections. Though Chanel could be famously prickly, and the designers generally were not in favour of artists sketching their collections due to being copied, Eula managed to win Chanel over on the spot at their first meeting: In her salon and on a deadline, he was trying to quickly sketch the looks after the show, before being seen by her. Alas, he looked up and saw her coming straight for him. Without skipping a beat he grabbed a fresh piece of paper and by the time she reached him, he had drawn her portrait. From then until her death they remained good friends.

Favourite story #1 – he once attended an Yves Saint Laurent couture show, only to shout out that it was terrible after a brief time and walk out. His friendship with both Yves and his partner, the formidable Pierre Bergé was unaffected!

His friendships extended to talented artists in other fields – he designed a suit for Miles Davis, along with illustrating the cover of his album Sketches of Spain (1960); also concert posters for The Supremes and Liza Minnelli.

He designed sets and costumes for Broadway productions, even winning a Tony Award. What a showoff.

He was the creative director of Halston throughout the 70s (one of my favourite brands from the past), helping them establish the chic look they are known for today. Fave story #2 – In 1973 he designed the backdrop of a presentation by Halston and four other American designers to French couturiers at Versailles. There was a teeny weeny miscalculation converting imperial to metric units, so the backdrop drapes came up short. Not a problem! He added a strip of white paper along the bottom and sketched the Eiffel Tower onto it using a broom and stove paint. Fixed!

His loose rapid style that captured not just an outfit but a moment and an emotion, is so engaging and alive – when I look at his drawings my heart literally speeds up. All hail Eula!



Joe_Eula_fashion-drawing-Patsyfox Joe_Eula_Liza-Minnelli Joe_Eula_fashion-drawing

Paint baby

by Patsyfox on October 14, 2019


This year has been a whirlwind and then some, so workshop time has been thin on the ground. But this Sunday 20th October the fab Watercolour & Ink workshop will run for the only time this year at The Drawing Salon. It is a jam-packed day with so much covered between 10.30am and 4.30pm. Starting with watercolours in the morning, we will discuss all about types of watercolour paints, papers, and brushes, and how your choice of these will affect your paintings. We will then cover key techniques for using watercolour paints, then apply them to fashion illustrations. In the afternoon it’s time to learn about the wonderful world of ink. Ink, paints, and paper is supplied, and all for just $175. And did I mention there is cheese and chocolate? Bookings and info here. Classes held in the beautiful studios of boutique textile printers Frankie and Swiss.

Happy Xmas!

by Patsyfox on December 24, 2018


Can you believe it’s this time again? I hope you’ve been naughty and nice, because tonight’s the night your chimney gets some action if you’re lucky – have a great one! X


Bring a parent!

by Patsyfox on September 18, 2018


That’s right kids – you can bring a parent to the fabulous Watercolour & Ink Technique workshop at The Salon FOR FREE! There’s never been a better reason to get them to give you a lift. Book it here.

Home is where the obsession is

by Patsyfox on September 18, 2018


It started with fences – as in, replacing the fences at my house. Well really the front fence. I spent much time driving around the local and not-so-local neighbourhoods like a creep, taking photos of other people’s desirable fences. Some months and a dob-in to the local council later, I had the loveliest and privatest new front fence, and an obsession with ma casa beautiful.

So, when a freelance project came up for the fabulous Hoyne, illustrating the new St James Park building project in Hawthorn by Bensons Property, needless to say I jumped at it.


Bath goals..


Exactly where and how I relax at the end of a hard day.


View from the street.



One of the locals..


Two of the locals!


A stroll in the park.

Washed up

by Patsyfox on September 16, 2018


Watercolour paints are one of the most beautiful and versatile media there is – the soft and organic effects can never be replicated by computer. However they can be one of the most frustrating media too. Do you start out to paint something fabulous but end up with a big mud pie? You probably need to learn a little more about your media and equipment, and some key techniques for utilising them. This one-day workshop takes you through the basics of paper, brushes, types of paints and inks, then shows you all the key techniques for using each of them. When you have that down we create some fashion illustrations just singing with your new skills. What’s not to love? Info here. Sunday 7th October 10.30am – 4.30pm in the beautiful studios of Frankie and Swiss, South Yarra (Melbourne).

Face it

by Patsyfox on September 16, 2018


Beautifully drawn faces and portraits are pretty much my favourite artworks to look at, make, and collect. But faces are also something that a lot of people get wrong. I have a solution! My admittedly awesome very-one-full-day workshop So You Think You Can’t Draw Faces? It starts with the fundamentals of the human head and face, takes you through a method for constructing the face quickly and easily on paper, then we look at how to simplify these faces for fashion sketches. Learning how to draw faces well is one of the biggest boosts you can give your art-life. More info here. Sunday October 14th 10.30am – 5.00pm in the beautiful studios of Frankie and Swiss, South Yarra (Melbourne).

8 is great

by Patsyfox on August 26, 2018


It’s a funny thing that as time goes by and our lives get busier, not more relaxed, the trend is to take on new skills in bite-sized chunks, rather than in a more comprehensive way. I do love my one-day workshops but they have nothing on the progress I get to witness when people take part in my 8-week courses. Introduction to Fashion Illustration at The Drawing Salon covers all the key fundamentals of fashion illustration, as well as the most creative and fun aspects. In my classes I have between 6-12 students only, and I ply them with music, chocolate, and cheese while I show them how it’s done and how enjoyable it can be.

The pics above are demos from the 8 sessions of this one-evening-per-week 8-week course. Classes are held in the beautiful and creative studios of Frankie and Swiss in South Yarra (Melbourne) – there is nothing not to love! Bookings close in a couple of days so jump on in here if you’re interested. And pssst, there is a special “bring a friend” price if you book two spots at once.

Come draw with me

by Patsyfox on July 22, 2018


Oh hey! There I am at the end of a class at The Drawing Salon, everyone’s favourite bit, despite their initial reluctance to display their work. The minute they see it all laid out and realise how differently we all interpret the one image, they are mad for it. Coming up next is the action-packed Fashion Illustration Bootcamp. It’s a one-day workshop covering the most important fundamentals of fashion illustration, and how to use colour in an effective and dynamic way, with very simple equipment. A comprehensive set of notes is included and did I mention there is chocolate and cheese?! Details here. Saturday 11th August 10.30am – 4.30pm, in South Yarra (Melbourne).


Oh look, it’s me again! Bird’s eye view of my demo…