Springtime at The Salon

by Patsyfox on October 18, 2016


Wouldn’t it be great to have some new artistic skills to play with over the Xmas break? Or even better, to use to create a bunch of unique and heart-felt Xmas pressies? Yes it would! So perhaps one of the Spring Sunday workshops at The Drawing Salon would be a lovely idea for you.  They’re timed nicely after the craziness of the Spring Racing Carnival, so really, what’s your excuse?  Find out more information on The Drawing Salon website, or write to me your own questions – I am here, I will answer!


The first workshop of the series is an advanced/open-level workshop, held on Sunday 6th November 12.30pm – 4.30pm. This workshop is about exploring alternative styles and media to push your illustrations and develop your personal style.  No ruts allowed at The Salon!  While this workshop is aimed at those with drawing experience, if you are pretty much a beginner but love an adventure, you can still jump in – class sizes are small and there is plenty of personal attention.  Just do it!  Book it here.


Fashion Illustration Bootcamp has been such a popular workshop since it was created earlier this year, and the question a lot of people asked at the end of the day was “So what’s next?”  Good question!  So I created this workshop to extend on the skills learned on that first day.  I consider the next most useful skills to be about media exploration – in particular, watercolour paints, and textural rendering, which gives your fashion illustrations another dimension that most people don’t know how to do. Oh, and who doesn’t need help with simple fashion faces?!  Sunday 13th November 10.30am – 4.30pm. Book it here.



The title kind of says it all here.  Ink is one of the most versatile media that you can work with, capable of producing striking and iconic fashion images, or the most delicate and subtle of pictures – but mastering the techniques of handling it are quite another thing! In this workshop we explore the range of effects you can achieve, and how to achieve them. As one participant said at the end of the workshop “This workshop was perfect.”  What more can I say! Sunday 20th November 10.30am – 4.30pm. Book it here.


This is an intensive workshop which starts with the structure of the head and how that informs the features, then traverses through to stylised fashion faces.  Faces are the number one thing that people tell me they struggle with, and the number one thing that lets otherwise good drawings down. My philosophy is to first understand what you’re drawing, then draw it. This workshop breaks it down into understandable information and methods. You will surprise yourself! Sunday 27th November 10.30am – 4.30pm. Book it here.


This will be the 4th time the Fashion Illustration Bootcamp has run since being created in May this year. Each time a full class of students have experienced for themselves just how much you can learn in one day, even without any experience at all – go on, surprise yourself! Sunday 4th December 10.30am – 4.30pm. Book it here.

Artful night out

by Patsyfox on October 4, 2016


I don’t know why, but I do so much work that never sees the light of day here on Patsyfox, or for that matter on it-didn’t-happen-if-it’s-not-on Instagram – and don’t even start me on my actual folio website which has been broken now for more than 18 months! (I know, so professional, right?)

In particular I do loads of live-sketching events where lucky folk get to drop by and pose for me for about 10 minutes, then take home their very own fashion portrait by me – for free!

For the recent Vogue Fashion’s Night Out I drew live fashion portraits in the Reiss store in Lt Collins Street in Melbourne, and next Thursday night I’ll be in the Myer Topshop store sketching like a mad woman – you should come say hi one day!


by Patsyfox on September 25, 2016


It was another sold-out Fashion Illustration (Bootcamp) class at The Drawing Salon today, and what a fun day – a particularly enthusiastic gang, and a very fun drawing to finish off with – featuring a look from Alessandro Michele’s delightful new vision for Gucci. It took me a while to get on board with his style, but I’m digging now like a crazy person.

Sorry to the people who’ve been emailing me about upcoming Fashion Illustration classes at The Salon – I’ve been too busy to schedule them, but I will get onto it this week I promise!

Flex it

by Patsyfox on September 16, 2016


If you’d love to learn to draw but don’t have the time to sign up to a whole course, or maybe aren’t sure if you’ll stick with it, then my Fashion Illustration Bootcamp is probably for you.

It’s a one-day intensive workshop that starts at the absolute beginning (that’s right, even if you can only draw hangman figures you can do this workshop), then powers through all the fundamentals of Fashion Illustration and ends up with some fabulous marker pen rendering techniques. All in a day, and you even get a lunch break! ONE spot left. Book it here.

Less is always more

by Patsyfox on September 15, 2016


It was Coco Chanel who said to always take one thing off before leaving the house, right? Excellent advice, although my personal moto – all things in moderation, including moderation – could be applied to this advice in some cases (Kim Kardashian I’m talking to you here, you should take no more things off).

The High-Heeled Hostess

by Patsyfox on August 13, 2016


It’s not for no reason that I gave up entertaining almost before I began – there was the time my boyfriend and I spent the entire night before, drinking and cleaning the house (“OMG do you realise it’s 4am?!”) and were so ill we spent the entire next day in bed (lesson learned: Don’t wait ’til the night before to start cleaning your filthy house)…Then there was the time a fun-lovin’ guest arrived early and brought around some fun-lovin’ cookies laced with irresistible dark chocolate. I ate so many while I chopped the veggies I ended up spending the entire dinner party in bed, being visited by guests, Queen Victoria-style, as they left (lesson learned: Say no…etc).  You get the picture?

When I was asked to illustrate the cover of the fabulous new book The High-Heeled Hostess, I thought “well I can’t relate to the topic but it sure sounds like fun”. After spending a couple of hours reading through it this week though, I believe I may be a changed woman.  I’m inspired goddammit! It has to be laid out pretty simply for me, with lots of sub-headings, and this is – from mood lighting to how to (politely) ask the guests to go home.  Oh and tasty food & drink recipes are included too.  The author Julie Wilson is, after all, a professional caterer who has cooked for the rich and famous in addition to lucky friends & family. You can find out more here.

The High-Heeled-Hostess-illustrated-book-cover

Take a trip

by Patsyfox on August 12, 2016


If Facebook posts are to be believed, 80% of my friends are currently holidaying in Europe.  Is this nasty taste in my mouth what they experience when it’s me that’s over there, as it usually is?? How distasteful! Of all the winters I decided not to visit Europe, I cannot believe I chose this one. In any case, no matter how many photos I see of summer holidays in Europe, where I long to be right now is the U.S. The only thing I can’t decide is which coast – East…? or West…?  Why both of course!

Just because

by Patsyfox on July 25, 2016


Pastels and ink.  Enough said!

Get inked at The Salon

by Patsyfox on July 21, 2016


Ink, in particular black Indian ink, would be the one media I’d take to a deserted island if I only got to take one – so versatile, so strong! So frustrating when you don’t know how to use it… Which is why I put together a dedicated one-day workshop. This one will look at the characteristics and possibilities of this medium and how to wrangle it into submission. No experience necessary…


A pop of colour

by Patsyfox on July 20, 2016


I hear all the time from my students “It was looking good then I added the colour and I wrecked it.”  I always tell them that if you’re not wrecking some drawings then you’re not trying hard enough – if you don’t experiment until you wish you’d stopped, how will you ever know it’s as good as it can get? Kill your darlings! If those thoughts don’t embolden you enough then scan or take a picture of it first, then keep going – at least you’ll have a digital copy of it the way you liked it.

Even easier when you’re adding the colour with your fancy digital tools and you can simply save older versions or turn layers off – it’s the dream of raving indecisives like me. At least I think it is, I’m not sure…