Dear Santa..

by Patsyfox on June 3, 2024


Forget slippers, mani-pedis, facials and massages (I love all of those things), this Christmas I’m going up a shelf and asking Santa if he wouldn’t mind gifting me my new most desirable word – BRACHIOPLASTY. “Just do tricep push-ups!” my arse – my tuck-shop arms came curtesy of my mother and unless someone in a white coat brandishing a scalpel intervenes, they will be buried with me.

So it’s no wonder that my favourite of the set of illustrations I did for RePlastic Surgery happened to teach me the name of what would set things right…brachioplasty…sigh.

This project was fascinating as a challenge in terms of media and also the subject. I’m a fashion illustrator, we make everything fabulous! But these illustrations each represented a surgical procedure and needed to be real. Well, real but on the best-of-real side of the real-dial.

When I looked at the sort of illustrations the brief set as a standard, there was something missing from all of them, namely LINE. Eek! I am a line-girl all the way so I had to rethink my whole approach and method. To define edges with only watercolour and not simply do a lovely line sketch and throw paint at it (simplification of the process, but you get it I’m sure), meant wrangling the wild beast that watercolour paints can be, while trying my best not to let it look overworked. Oh and not to mention honestly showing the post-surgery appearances in a way that was both attractive and honest. Simples! But not really..

But as always is the way, I find a way through and learn a lot along the way. I was happy with the outcome, as was the client, so the images were sent off to find a home on their website. The only thing I will gripe about (and this is actually a big gripe for me because it has happened a number of times), is the client putting my illustrations on a coloured ground, and someone in-house doing a crude job of cutting them out. Please universe may this stop happening to artists! You can’t make a hard edge from the organic edges of watercolours that are painted on white paper – it simply is not possible. The best you can do is for the artist to use some fancy photoshop footwork to do it nicely. But for this you need to ask them and pay them. Letting your graphic designer do it is going to lead to heartache. Or heartsick as J-Lo called her recent tour-cancelling vibes. I would point you to the outcome but I’m too deep in denial – please instead just peruse my favourites of the set right here..


Breast-Lift-watercolor-painting-Angie-Rehe Plastic-surgery-beauty-illustration-Angie-Rehe

French girl chic returns

by Patsyfox on May 17, 2024


It’s been a while since I loved a collection so much I dreamed about it – as in, seeing myself in it (suspiciously taller and with thicker hair…) and looking fabulous. Behold the new Chloe collections!

After working at Chloe on and off since she first joined as an intern, ultimate Chloe-girl Chemena Kamali released her debut collection as creative director for AW 2024 (surely an inspirational story for slaves interns everywhere). Bless her, she channelled the spirit of Karl Lagerfeld’s Chloe of the ’70s, taking direct reference from some of his ad campaigns in the Pre-Fall ’24 collection which followed recently (very strangely released second but designed first – go figure) – the balcony and backdrop are a direct reference.

I LOVE it. All of it. I’m a girl who’s not afraid of ruffles. I don’t care if they drag in my soup at dinner or pull over wine glasses. They are feminine, chic, and oh-so-rock-pirate, all in one.

I haven’t yet scratched the surface of sketching some of the new looks, but at least I’ve made a start.


Saturday night sketching

by Patsyfox on May 3, 2024


*Black conté pencil, Art Graf carbon black. From the Dior Pre-Fall 2024 collection in NY, April 17 2024

There was a time I would start planning my Saturday nights when I woke up on Sunday morning (*approximately morning*). It’s funny how life cycles go, I am returning more and more to the ways of my earlier years when I was a textbook introvert and much preferred staying in and making things – art, clothes, etc. Put a movie on in the background? Heaven. Add to that these days I spend every few weekends with my mum in the country and you have a pretty quiet life. And did I mention I ditched the city and moved beachside?

Not complaining, saying.

Nick for Xmas!

by Patsyfox on December 9, 2023


It started with me racking my brain to think of a winning gift for a friend, while also rifling through my neatly folded and categorised piles of t-shirts in my wardrobe. “Too plain””Too dark””Too boring””Something like my Nick Cave drawing would be perfect” *Cue lightbulb moment* “WHY DON’T I PAINT ONE!!”

Of course someone saw it and said Please ask her to paint me one! and voila just for a few weeks until Xmas you can order one for yourself, right here. You can read the details and specs on my store link, they are hand-painted to order and as such they are all unique and just for you. You can even up-sell yourself by grabbing the package with the A5 fine art print of the original drawing. I will turn them around in about 48hours – your Xmas gift to someone special sorted. Or even better, YOURSELF. You’re welcome.




For the Mothers..

by Patsyfox on May 8, 2023


Not going to lie, it *might* have escaped my attention that the Fashion Illustration Bootcamp is bang on Mother’s Day, rather than a week after it like I thought.. So apologies to the people who aren’t able to make it because of that – massive DOH on my part.

However, I’ve decided to make lemonade and offer a bring-your-mum or bring-your-offspring deal of half price for the bring-along. What better way to spend a Mother’s Day? I’ve had many mother/child attendees before and it’s a lovely thing to see, and to know they can then go home and draw together!

Bookings and full info about the Bootcamp here.

Learn Fashion Illustration with me!

by Patsyfox on May 1, 2023


I started running my own small fashion illustration classes here in Melbourne in 2010, launching them at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival that year. Until the pandemic etc I had run them continuously since then. These days face-to-face classes are thin on the ground as my regular venue no longer exists, and I am working on the mega of all mega fully online fashion illustration course. Phew!

So this Fashion Illustration Bootcamp workshop, which is a one-day comprehensive introduction to fashion illustration class, is one not to miss as it will be a while before it happens again.

I am running it in a fabulous temporary venue called MicroLabs, in Bourke street Melbourne, the same venue I used for the McQueen workshop in April. This Bootcamp is designed for either complete beginners or those with experience wanting to brush up. It will go from figure proportions and pose structure through to catwalk walking figures and media technique with copic markers and colour pencils. It’s a lot, and it’s fabulous! You can see the full information or book a spot here. Why don’t you!



by Patsyfox on March 26, 2023


Yes! Finally an in-person fashion illustration class again! The issue of an ongoing venue for in-person fashion illustration classes is still an issue, but I have found a brilliant temporary answer, so just in time before the “Alexander McQueen: Mind, Mythos, Muse” exhibition closes at the NGV International on April 16th, I am able to run the workshop I have been planning in my head for about 6 months! (Full information here)


This full-day (or half day if you skip the gallery) workshop will take inspiration from McQueen’s legendary “Widows of Culloden” collection from Autumn Winter 2006/7, and is open to all levels, from beginners upwards. 

This collection was hailed as a presentation that would “go down as one of fashion’s all-time highs” (Sarah Mower, Vogue March 3, 2006). Drawing on his Scottish heritage, he responded to it emotionally and creatively, expressing his thoughts about the treatment of Scotland throughout history to the present, while also creating a romantic but austere collection that demonstrated attention to detail and craftsmanship of the highest standards.

The emotions embedded in the exquisite designs provide the secret ingredient that makes for fabulous illustrations – the Widows of Culloden collection is one of my all-time favourite collections to illustrate.


Beginning at the NGV International, we will have a brief discussion about sketching on-location, then make our way through the exhibition “Alexander McQueen: Mind, Mythos, Muse”, stopping to sketch key looks.

Then, filled with inspiration we’ll grab some lunch then jump on a tram down to Bourke st and begin our workshop.

We’ll learn specifically about this collection then make two artworks featuring looks from it.

Mixed media including collage, ink, watercolour, and pastels will be combined in the spirit of McQueen – no rules, plenty of experimentation and manipulation of materials, and attention to detail.

We will look at figure/pose analysis and drawing faces, so for the less experienced, you will be in safe hands.

All workshop materials including paper will be provided, you just need to bring paint brushes for watercolour and ink, and a cutting knife if you have one (I will have some to share if not). Please also bring a small sketchbook of your choice (I suggest A4) and a greylead pencil for sketching in the gallery. More information will be provided closer to the date.


  • Learn about the life and work of Alexander McQueen – his inspirations and background. In particular learn about what is considered to be his most personal collection “Widows of Culloden” – Autumn-Winter 2006/7
  • How to capture the spirit of this collection and translate it into artworks for dramatic effect.
  • Learn or refresh your knowledge about fashion illustration principles including figure structure and capture.
  • How to draw faces.
  • How to illustrate tartan and checks, along with other fabrics.
  • Sketching freehand, using observational and stylizing techniques.
  • Experimental techniques with Indian ink and watercolour, and how to combine collage and mixed media, including the potentially messy pastels. Expect needles, thread, glue!


  • A ticket to the exhibition “Alexander McQueen: Mind, Mythos, Muse” at the NGV International. (Unless you opt out.)
  • Pictures and notes to take home.
  • All materials supplied including paper (you just need paint brushes).
  • Inspiration, knowledge about McQueen, fashion, and fashion illustration.
  • Artworks to be proud of.
  • Snacks and good vibes.

SKILL LEVEL: This fashion illustration class is open to all levels including beginners – the small group accommodates all levels.

CLASS SIZE: Maximum 12 people – size matters at The Drawing Salon!

When: Sunday 2nd April 10am – 5pm

Where: Morning: NGV International, St Kilda Road, Melbourne. Workshop 1pm – 5pm: Micro Labs, 227-229 Bourke Street Melbourne.

Price: $220 includes entry to “Alexander McQueen: Mind, Mythos, Muse” at the NGV, and all workshop materials. *You can opt out of the exhibition viewing or purchase your own ticket, this option is $190. (Meet up with us wherever it suits.)

*I recommend booking ASAP as I will purchase the exhibition tickets only as bookings are made, as there is no refund on tickets from the NGV, and as the exhibition closes on April 16th, those last weeks will book out. For this reason, refunds will not include the $30 ticket price once purchased, but you will get the ticket!



We will miss you Alessandro!

by Patsyfox on December 12, 2022


Ah Alessandro, it took me a while to adjust my eye from the glam sexiness of Tom Ford, but once I got there I was THERE. Recent news of Alessandro’s departure from Gucci made me sad, but selfishly, for myself, because he is one of the few designers I can guarantee when I take a first look at a new collection, I know there will be endless things I want to draw. That is rare. 

In celebration of his time at Gucci, I’ve released a small selection of four sketches as fine art prints, in A4 and A3 sizes – perfect for Xmas! And, if you buy two from the set there is a 15% discount, and if you buy 3 or more of the set the discount increases to 25%! You heard it here first…Well actually second (Instagram)…

You can see more or snap one up here. Use codes TAKE2 or TAKE34 for your discount at checkout. You’re welcome.

Alessandro-Michele-fashion-illustration Gucci_fine-art-print Gucci_Leopard_print-fashion-illustrator Gucci_Spot_print-illustration

Ride my Sidecar?

by Patsyfox on October 28, 2022


I’m still riding the brandy train since my voice is yet to recover from a week of laryngitis – explain that if you will, grrr. So in the spirit of making lemonade, I bring to Fri-yay drinks another brandy (or preferably, cognac) cocktail. Meet the Sidecar!

Did you know one of the legends about the birth of the Sidecar has it set at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris in the 1910s, mixed up by a patron who arrived in a motorcycle sidecar? True that. Well maybe anyway, I like it enough.

How to do it:

This one’s going to take you: 5 mins

It’s going to make you: 1 drink

You’ll need to have:

  • 3 tbsp cognac (or brandy, Armagnac, or bourbon
  • 1tbsp triple sec (such as Cointreau)
  • 3 tsp fresh lemon juice
  • Lemon or orange twist, for garnish 

You’ll need to do:

  1. Get your shit together
  2. If you like the glass with a rim of sugar do that now by wetting around the rim with citrus juice, dip or roll it in the sugar, shake of excess and allow to dry and chill before pouring the drink.
  3. Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice cubes and shake well.
  4. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass
  5. Garnish with a lemon or orange twist

And in keeping with tradition, I give you variations of my Sidecar illustration that I could not decide between – santé!



by Patsyfox on October 21, 2022


This week’s Fri-yay cocktail comes to you courtesy of laryngitis, so the Sidecar was bumped to next week and enter the Hot Toddy – a cocktail I love drinking as much for its name as its taste – so saucy! Not just saucy but my favourite type of saucy – simple & saucyCos I like my cocktails simple, like my men.

This one’s going to take you: 5 mins-ish

It’s going to make you: 1 drink

You’ll need to have:

  • 3 tbsp brandy (or whisky or bourbon if you prefer)
  • 1tbsp honey
  • 1 cinnamon stick (optional)
  • 1 slice and 1 generous squeeze of lemon (appx 2tsp)
  • ½ cup hot water

You’ll need to do:

  1. Heat the water
  2. While the water is heating, put brandy, honey, and lemon juice in your choice of glass/mug.
  3. Pour in the hot water and stir to dissolve honey
  4. Garnish with a cinnamon stick (in the glass)
  5. Serve hot, cos no-one likes a cold Toddy.