So you think you can’t draw?

by Patsyfox on February 27, 2014


I guarantee you, I can teach you to draw!  And if ever there was a time it’s next Wednesday 5th March when for the first time ever, a second group of Introductory Fashion Illustration classes will commence.  Classes are always kept small for quality at The Drawing Salon, but this time will be even smaller so it’s an ideal opportunity to get lots of one on one attention.

Want to know more?  Just ask me!


Kitty says Yes to Supergraph…

by Patsyfox on February 21, 2014


For anyone who ever doubted the supremacy of cats then let me share with you the fact that this little guy outsold all my other postcards last weekend at Supergraph, and came a dead heat for best print.  Take that puppies!  Meoow.

For those who didn’t make it, it was a very super Supergraph weekend – I loved seeing so many friends old and new, students past present & future, and knowing for sure that I can keep my cool and keep drawing when surrounded by a curios mob.  I fear nothing!  Except maybe a repeat experience of thinking I was going to lose my left leg, having had the genius idea (note sarcasm) of going to see Bruce Springsteen directly from Supergraph – with standing tickets approximately 9 miles from the stage – and seeking relief by hoiking myself up onto a barrier and not moving for 2.5hrs, thereby completely losing the feeling in my left leg!  It’s true, it happened, I didn’t lose the leg but the feeling is still making its way home to me.  Gee I miss it.

Here’s some pics…

 I was giving love for free at the Valentines Day opening bash.Supergraph_valentines_day_illustration

The free love continued with free demonstrations and drop-in classes.

Supergraph also saw the launch of my new collaboration with Jaclyn Rehe – more on that later.

Supergraph_drawing_class_fashion_illustration_demonstration copy

Patsyland!  Featuring my new line of greeting cards and postcards. (They’ll be in my store next week…)




Is there a Doctor in the house? There will be!

by Patsyfox on February 4, 2014

Angie Rehe Supergraph classes fashion illustration

While other people were busy doing nothing over summer, I was working like a beaver on crack planning and preparing for the first ever Supergraph graphic design and art fiesta!

Supergraph takes place in the beautiful old Exhibition Buildings over the Valentines Day weekend 14th, 15th, 16th February.  This isn’t your run-of-the-mill design fair or market, it’s an interactive experience.  There will be a variety of artists and illustrators, busy making work and selling their wares.  I will be launching a new line of greeting cards and postcards!!  And finally unveiling to the world my brand new secret limited edition scarf project collaboration with the wonderful Jaclyn!  As well as selling limited edition fine art prints, and open edition digital prints.

But that’s not all!  At 11am and 2pm each day I’ll be holding a FREE demonstration/drop-in class for just a few lucky folk, where I’ll show you how to construct a foxy fashion figure, and render it in marker pens.  BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!  All weekend I’ll be agony-aunt for artists as Dr Pencils - have a question or problem about an aspect of illustration?  Come see me and I’ll help you out:  Feedback, problem solving, technique advice, How do I draw a hand?  How do I get the watercolours to blend like that? What’s weird about my drawing?  I’ll tell you.

There will be super Supergraph-only prices for all products including signing up for classes at The Patsyfox Drawing Salon, but only for the three days…  Please come say hi!  I’d love to meet you.


Supergraph illustration festival


Princess of pretty

by Patsyfox on January 30, 2014

Amelie portrait fashion illustration

I’ve drawn all sorts of people, most of them models, but I was completely taken with this most beautiful little girl Amelie who I drew for her mother last week.  Look at that profile!  I was moved to say she is almost as pretty as a cat.  And that’s saying something.


Hot cross bunny

by Patsyfox on January 17, 2014


Yes of course I have more pressing work to do today, but since when has that kept me on track?  It’s bloody hot in Melbourne so if I’m going to be cowering inside and resorting to tinned food rather than leave the house, the least I can do is draw for pure pleasure!

And after all, it’s Kate Moss’s birthday, and she’s a 40yr old smoking’ hot bunny.  So I drew her more than once..


Getting inked at The Salon

by Patsyfox on January 16, 2014

black ink fashion illustration classes demonstration

Power outages, heatwaves, and getting stuck in Australian Open traffic could not stop the new term of Intermediate classes kicking off at The Patsyfox Drawing Salon last night.  The Frankie and Swiss studio is as beautiful as ever, and air-conditioned might I add.

We eased ourselves in with a bit of classic loose black ink illustration – here’s one of my demos…


Shop it like it’s hot

by Patsyfox on January 13, 2014

Shop Til You Drop_fashion illustration prints

Oh look!  There I am in the latest issue of Shop Til You Drop mag, in the very good company of the gorgeous gals Kerrie Hess and Sarah Hankinson.  You know you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep…

Oh and psssst, So Frenchy (shown above) will be available in my new line of greeting cards which I’ll be launching at the Supergraph art & design festa in February.  You’ll also find them in my Etsy store of course, along with a rather exciting new project.  Holiday?  What holiday??


Move on up

by Patsyfox on January 12, 2014

Fashion Illustration classes Melbourne

Granted, this post only gives you 2 days notice, but spontaneity is good for your health remember.  Due to popular demand – i.e. people that could not wait another month to whip their skills to even greater heights, the first Intermediate course in Fashion Illustration begins this week!  The Patsyfox Drawing Salon lets no grass grow under its feet…

We kick off on Wednesday night with a night of classic black ink Fashion Illustration and a bit of experimentation.  Each week of the course is a new challenge which builds and re-enforces  existing skills, and introduces new media, techniques, and compositional elements.  One spot left, just sayin’.  (Introduction to Fashion Illustration begins 24th February and is almost full.)


Lipstick jungle

by Patsyfox on January 9, 2014

Elle lipstick fashion illustrations

There are many things that make me happy when seen in a line-up – drinks (usually only seen on your birthday), gig tickets (I currently have an exceptional one of these – hello Cat Power/Kurt Vile/Sunnyboys/Rolling Stones? – Yes now try and contain your seething jealousy I dare you), new shoes, and lipsticks.  So as jobs go, illustrating these lipsticks for Elle magazine December ’13 issue wasn’t exactly a hard day at the office.  I may or may not have taken all of them for a road test…

And since all of these were painted with the actual lipsticks, if you’re interested, here’s the role-call: (L-R) YSL Sheer Candy #5, M.A.C. Flat Out Fabulous, Dior Darling, L’Oreal Rose Tendre, Bobbi Brown Bobbi #5, Clinique black honey, Tom Ford Black Orchid, Napoleon Hara, Revlon Revlon Red, Poppy Red Sinner, Revlon gloss Top Tomato.

Set ‘em up Joe…


Got my mojo workin’

by Patsyfox on December 31, 2013

New Years eve fashion illustration

I seem to be hearing a lot of people saying that they can’t wait for 2013 to end.  Personally, I’m relishing every last second.  My mojo has been working in overdrive all year and I’ve had the luckiest and best year in a very long time.  I’ve worked like a battery hen and at times lived like a hermit, but have loved every minute.  The wonderful Bil Donovan sprinkled his magic dust on me in March and it still hasn’t worn off.  Thank you Bil.

Just some of the highlights include: Persuading LMFF to bring Bil Donovan to Australia, being his personal Melbourne host, then holding a 2-day fashion illustration masterclass at the Abbotsford Convent; Being accepted to join the fantastic Illustration Room agency, who now represent me in Australia, Illustrating the Little Black Dress Project book for the very lovely Cheryl Lin of Business Chic; Continuing to teach people the joy of fashion illustration at the Patsyfox Drawing Salon and RMIT; Becoming a regular illustrator for the fabulous Elle magazine; Illustrating a Xmas brochure for Harpers Bazaar and Cosmopolitan Singapore; Producing illustrations for Citizen K magazine in Paris…need I add more?  Well I would except there’s a champagne glass winking at me.

I see no reason for the fabulousness to stop now, so I’m running full tilt into 2014.  I wish you all the very best of years, luck, and everything that rocks your world.