Pick of the day

by Patsyfox on July 7, 2016


It’s of never-ending amusement to me that the drawings people respond the most positively to are the ones that were the fastest, easiest, and mostly carelessly done.  AND FURTHERMORE, the ones that I think about, labour over, and perfect in every way that I possibly can, go by without mention. This drawing was yesterday’s demonstration drawing, in a session dedicated to watercolours and illustrating prints, namely leopard print. It then became a lazy instagram post for @thedrawingsalon. And wasn’t she the popular girl…

There’s a lesson in that which could be applied to life in general – care a bit less, have more fun!

So you think you can’t draw faces?

by Patsyfox on July 4, 2016


Well it may be true, technically, but by the end of this admittedly awesome workshop, you will be able to.  Faces are the number one thing that let down an otherwise great drawing, and the number one thing that people tell me they “can’t draw”.  If you can’t draw them it’s because you’ve never learned how.

This workshop goes beyond what I teach in the faces session of the Introduction to Fashion Illustration course – it’s a full day workshop and goes right under the skin to the cranial structure of the head.  Why is the placement of the features more important than the shape? These questions and more will be answered! From structural information to stylised fashion-faces techniques, all will be revealed, including all key views of the face.

Oh but I guess I should mention there are only 2 spots left… Check out more or book here.

My kitchen rules

by Patsyfox on July 1, 2016


Miranda:  Do you have a rolling pin?

Carrie:  What do you mean?

Miranda:  In your kitchen.

Carrie:  Are you kidding? I use my oven for storage.

When super was Super.

by Patsyfox on June 30, 2016


For a recent advanced fashion illustration class, I decided to take inspiration from the early 90s, when supermodels really were super, unique, and fabulous. I remember this photo shoot by Steven Meisel well, featuring the new-look Chanel, courtesy of its relatively new designer, Karl Lagerfeld.  It was totally Chanel and yet totally new. The colours were vibrant, the shapes were classic and yet fresh, and there was a sense of fun. Looking at these girls always made you feel like you were looking in at some very, very fun lives.  Because we were!

Hence the focus of the workshop – movement, colour, LIFE!  Expression over perfection, naturally…

The good life

by Patsyfox on June 28, 2016


As the temperature in Melbourne dips lower than we remembered it could, it’s even lovelier to gaze upon images of perfect summers. Better still when the images are of my own creation! I was delighted last week when the postman knocked on the door (and of course with Australia Post the Russian-roulette that it now is with regard to mail ever arriving at its destination, it’s a xmas miracle every time something actually arrives) and the box I ripped from his hands contained these two beauties – a French Rosé and an Italian Pinot Grigio – jackpot!

Painted in the style of vintage posters, I’d like to point out here that the chair in the Pinot Grigio pic is my own beloved garden chair, and her feet and shoes are my very own, as studied for anatomical correctness. The legs in the Rosé pic…well, let’s just leave that one there…

When work and pleasure collide it’s a wonderful thing.




Jump in the deep end…

by Patsyfox on June 14, 2016


If you’re feeling bold and would like to be put through your paces this weekend then consider jumping on board this workshop. Over the four hours we’ll be doing two separate illustrations each with their own challenges and fun.  You will work up a sweat but you will learn a lot and love it… More info here.

Who are you?

by Patsyfox on May 6, 2016


In terms of dress, if not the rest, I confess to a split personality.  This inability to keep to one “look” has prevented me from belonging to a tribe, even if I feel very much affiliated with it, like Rockabilly for example (quiffs…siiiiiiiiiigh).  But really, who could stand to wear the same look every day?  Not me!

Last week Mimco commissioned me to bring to life their four muses for the new season, then I spent a night in store for a VIP shopping night where I got to meet the lovely Mimco customers and customise their chosen muse print.  Most interesting was watching people choose which one they were – it was clear we have a muse on the outside and sometimes quite another on the inside…of course.


by Patsyfox on May 2, 2016


I love what I do pretty much all the time, but some weeks, some jobs, are well… just a little bit extra-exciting. So yes, illustrating for Jimmy Choo is definitely one of those!  Last year I was commissioned by Jimmy Choo to create 10 illustrations for their 20th anniversary international press days, along with creating a hand-painted version of their logo.

A good time in Patsyland indeed.

Almost French

by Patsyfox on April 6, 2016


Nothing much more French than being in Paris and being given a book called How To Be Parisian. Well sort of anyway.  Loved the book, and loved the illustration on the front cover. Only thing I couldn’t understand was why there was no credit anywhere to be found – and trust me I shook that book to bits – for who the illustrator was. Incroyable!

Fast forward more than 6 months and I am commissioned to illustrate one of the authors, Caroline De Maigret, who is modelling the Winter 2016 collection for Blue Illusion.  The campaign was shot in Paris and I was also asked to create a sketch of the essential Paris skyline as I saw it…


As it appears on the page in the catalogue which has just been released..


Cheeky Easter to you

by Patsyfox on March 26, 2016


Hoorah for the one weekend of the year where excessive chocolate consumption is not just allowed but expected! The car is dutifully packed with chocolates for my mother who is, of course, sticking to her medically-required sugar-free diet (coughs), and packed alongside all the Lindt boxes is my running gear, because naturally there will be laps of the Bendigo lake in direct correlation to the amount of chocolate I eat. And if you believe that then you’ll believe anything.  Happy Easter!