Courses of course

by Patsyfox on April 10, 2018


Wednesday evenings 6.30pm – 9.30pm from May 2nd

The Introduction to Fashion Illustration 8-week course has been running since 2010. I have refined it as I go over the years and am very proud of its quality. Starting with all the fundamentals of fashion illustration, figure proportion, how to get a figure down on paper, we move through all the key anatomy including faces, and through a variety of media from marker pens to watercolours and indian ink. And there’s more. This course is great for high school students, university students, people working in fashion who need to upgrade their creative skills, but equally as good for all the doctors, accountants, and retirees who have also done it just for fun and SANITY. Bookings and more info here, and feel free to email me with any questions. This course will not be offered again until the second half of the year.

OR, if you’ve done it, or are more skilled, or simply like to live on the edge, why not try the Intermediate Fashion Illustration course (Tuesday evenings 6.30pm – 9.30pm from May 1st) – it will not be offered again until 2019. More info here.


Bootcamp baby!

by Patsyfox on April 10, 2018


Sunday April 29th, 10.30am – 4.30pm

So much for turning over a new leaf this year – I was going to gift myself time affluence, a calm mind, plenty of time for personal drawing, ETCETERA. Instead I gave myself a couple of monstrous project deadlines and a wonderful bout of tennis elbow.

Classes and workshops at The Drawing Salon were the first victims of the crazy pace but THEY ARE BACK! First up is the Fashion Illustration Bootcamp. This very excellent one-day workshop starts at the very basics so the the information is clear and correct, then works through my particular method of getting the poses down on paper easily and quickly. Once we’ve mastered the figures we move onto colour and media technique and how you can use just a couple of marker pens with some coloured pencils and do amazing things. Don’t worry, when your energy flags I shove chocolate in your mouth – you will love it!

There are just 4 places left, bookings and more info here.

Hop hop hooray!

by Patsyfox on April 1, 2018


Patience is a virtue / All good things come to those who wait / etc etc – Well finally one of these clichés came true: After more than a decade my mother has accepted that unlike her, I don’t like the small solid chocolate eggs – all I want is Humpty Dumpty. WELL, like the supersized hint I dropped a couple of weeks ago, the Humpty Dumpty she bought me could feed a small family!

The only down-side? The big box makes it less likely that my cat Frankie will get her head stuck in it again and bounce backwards around the room while I literally loose my load from laughing. #goals

The New Black Episode 6 with Bil Donovan!

by Patsyfox on January 28, 2018


On today’s 6th and final episode for this summer’s run of The New Black on 3RRR radio, I was joined again by the fabulous Karen Webster, former CEO of the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF). We chatted ethics in the fashion industry, why we shouldn’t play the blame game with fashion companies, and how the buck STARTS with the consumer. I also chatted live to New York to the utterly brilliant Bil Donovan (that’s his illustration above). He is one of the world’s leading fashion illustrators, and also one of the nicest people I’ve ever met – you will see what I mean when you listen to the interview. Along with producing work for luxury brands and publications around the world, he also teaches fashion illustration at schools including the F.I.T., and is the first and only artist-in-residence for Dior Beauty. He was commissioned by British Vogue to do an illustration for the January edition (below), and you can hear on the show how that commission came about.


Bil Donovan for British Vogue January 2018

I chatted with Bil about what Fashion Illustration actually means, and how does he feel about digital illustration vs traditional (by hand) illustration. You can listen back to the show here, and for your viewing pleasure below is some more of his work. If you yourself are interested in fashion illustration or drawing, I heartily recommend his instructive and enjoyable book: Advanced Fashion Illustration: Lifestyle Illustration

Travel- pursuit of style-Bil-Donovan

The New Black episode 5 – Fashion & Film

by Patsyfox on January 21, 2018


Do you know any Oscar winners? Well after today’s episode of The New Black on 3RRRFM I can say I do! The show kicked off with Paola Di Trocchio, acting senior curator of fashion and textiles at the NGV. We chatted about the growing popularity of fashion exhibitions in major Art galleries here and around the world. I tried hard to get a scoop about the next upcoming fashion blockbuster but she’s a hard nut to crack – I had to settle for the current Triennial, which she assured me includes a generous quota of fashion..


Next up I chatted with ACMI’s film programmer and resident stylish guy James Nolen. We talked about ACMI’s regular fashion film programs, including the one upcoming in March as part of VAMFF – it will feature two brilliant fashion films – one about Yves Saint Laurent and his gorgeous drawings, the other about Manolo Blahnik, who I love because he always has and does use fashion illustrations in his ad campaigns. BRAVO.


The show did not slacken pace – my final guest was Oscar/BAFTA/AFI/Tony/Olivier/Helpmann-award-winning costume designer Tim Chappel. He’s in town for the opening of the 10th anniversary tour of Priscilla Queen of the Desert The Musical. I got to ask him about having that statue handed to him by Sharon Stone, and hear what it’s like to be handed the keys to Hollywood. I was also astounded to discover there are 500 costumes as part of this musical! It will be an extravaganza that you can check out here.

Angie-Rehe-Tim-ChappelThe lovely and talented Tim Chappel, and me!


(left to right) James Nolen, Paola Di Trocchio, and Tim Chappel, bonding in the 3RRR studios.

Listen back to the show here!

The New Black episode 4

by Patsyfox on January 14, 2018


This week on The New Black on 3RRR, we kind of free-balled it, meandering through a conversation about all things fashion, through the eyes of myself and my two fabulous guests, fashion designer Gwendolynne Burkin, and head designer for Calibre, Ty Henschke. We’ve all worked in the fashion industry for *some time* and have a lot to say. Sadly an hour passes in a flash and so many of our gossipy little stories went untold. Next time…


Gwendolynne “makes people feel beautiful” through her gorgeous, romantic creations, which you can check out here (and above).


Ty keeps the guys looking hot and sharp in beautifully tailored suits of the highest quality fabrications.

We soundtracked the show with tracks from memorable fashion parades we’ve been to or been part of, from recent to distant past. One of the standouts was one of Gwendolynne’s early fashion parade memories – the Bicentennial Wool parade at the Sydney Opera House, featuring the designs of Claude Montana amongst others, and the track was Art of Noise – Moments in Love. Enjoy.

Oh and here’s us!


And the all-important link – you can listen back to the show here!


Va Va Vroom

by Patsyfox on January 13, 2018


Too late to say Happy Xmas? Of course not! Not everyone has even received my Xmas cards yet, naturally. I created this racy lass for BMW Australia, in partnership with Vogue Australia – I know, right? Managed beautifully by The Illustration Room, and animated by Greg Stewart. Go team! We all loved it so much we did one for the boys too…


Back to work. Just.

by Patsyfox on January 13, 2018


It’s been tough – and when I say tough I mean tough like the New York marathon – to get myself to start doing some actual “work” this new year. The summer list was so long, so unrealistic, that no wonder I feel I can’t possibly be calling time on it yet. And don’t even start me on not making it to the beach yet!! I can’t even imagine how I used to cope dragging my arse to workplaces that I didn’t like – I work for myself, doing something I love, from my HOME STUDIO, and yet I still couldn’t bring myself to get back to it?

I decided to take the prep-school approach – begin on a Friday, just in time for a weekend. Friday afternoon, actually…

The New Black Episode 3 – Life and Death

by Patsyfox on January 7, 2018


In today’s edition of The New Black on 3RRR radio it was all about death and rebirth. I spoke with the beautifully eloquent Dr Pia Interlandi about her work in creating Garments for the Grave, and her incredible recent commission by the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York, for which she created a Little Black (Death) Dress for their current exhibition Items: Is Fashion Modern? You can see can see a brilliant set of images from the exhibition on their website. Worth searching out also is the documentary made for the ABC Artscape series – Soul, which documented Pia’s first collaboration with a client. Her originality and depth of thought is both touching and fascinating, and I love that she is helping to teach people to stare their death fears down.

We took a hook turn after that and welcomed to the studio fashion journalist Jan Breen Burns of VoxFrock, and The Age senior writer Kerrie O’Brien. Jan spent 12 years as fashion editor for The Age, at a time when they switched from print-first to digital-first, and Kerrie specialises in writing about the arts and entertainment areas, having worked on many areas of The Age including Spectrum, Epicure, EG, Domain. We chatted about how (fashion) writing and reporting has changed, the question of Are magazines dead? (Answer: NO – circulation is down but readership is UP), and the disruption in consumer habits that sees us not feeling the need to own things – we stream music, read magazines and newspapers online, car-share or Uber – as usual, it’s all inter-connected. We touched on the new disseminators of information – influencers. And more.

You can listen back to the program here.


Above: (L-R) Pia Interlandi, Kerrie O’Brien, Jan Breen Burns


Pia’s Little Black (Death) Dress, currently on view at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The black dye is heat sensitive and turns to white when touched, then fades back to black.


Pia’s beautiful Garments for the Grave, described by someone as “Made from ivory coloured silk, cotton and hemp, without any metal zippers, plastic buttons, or synthetic firbres, the garments are completely biodegradable. The effect, including delicate silk pockets for the hands and feet, is reminiscent of a beekeeper who has fallen asleep wearing Comme De Garcons.”


The New Black episode2: Am I Imelda?

by Patsyfox on December 31, 2017


Ah yes, if you have just read the entire archive of this blog you will have seen this sketch – I’ve been loving drawing the brilliant designs of Preston Zly for *quite some time*. On today’s episode 2 of The New Black on 3RRR radio we chatted all things SHOES (including just how many pairs I own) with the brilliant designers behind the brand – Peter Zly and Johanna Preston. What a treat. They are passionate and incredibly knowledgeable about the art and craft of designing and making shoes. You can see touch and smell their designs at their studio store at The Rear 219 Smith St Fitzroy (we’re talking Melbourne here) and check out their website here, or their instagram @prestonzly. Oh, and here’s Peter and Johanna!


After shoes we brought in Anthony Capon, designer for Et Al, and Bridal couture designer Craig Braybrook. Aside from being friends, they have both featured on Project Runway Australia – Anthony WON Season 2, and Craig was runner up in Season 3. Interesting to hear about their very different work, and being cast on Project Runway by the producers who got each of their personalities all wrong – can you tell who was naughty and who was nice?


You’ll have to listen back to the show to find out, and hear about just how far back Craig and I go. You can listen here, and finally I remembered to do a selfie with my guests – better late than never. Check out Anthony’s Instagram @i_am_anthonycapon and Craig’s @craigbraybrookcouture – They are two very talented guys, as well as being a whole lot of mischief. Enjoy.